Social Responsibility

Environmental Sustainability

Gürsoy reviews all business segments to help to conserve the environment and natural resources for the benefit of generations of today and tomorrow.

Our products, packages, production units, transportation options are entirely re-designed to minimize our environmental footprint.

Cultural and Social Activities

At Gürsoy, we contribute to social projects that develop production regions from which we procure our raw materials and improve the living standards of people in those regions.

Our recent investments ensure creating new job opportunities as well.

Sustainable Agricultural Activities

We foster environmental and biological diversity, minimization of chemical use, and eco-sustainable agricultural practices.

With our sustainable agricultural program since 2009, we have directly reached the producers and carried out activities in many areas ranging from soil analysis training programs to garden inspections.

We provide training and support in several subjects to producers in pruning, fertilization, pesticide application, harvesting and drying methods, soil care, child labor, and many others.

Our investments continue increasingly to ensure traceability from the garden up to the final product.

Societal Sustainability

We aim at offering our country and the world a product portfolio consisting of both delicious and nutritious foods and encouraging people to purchase products produced from reliable raw materials under better conditions and to pursue a healthy lifestyle.