Hazelnut Cracking Facilities

Gürsoy has two separate hazelnut cracking facilities, one of which is in Kumbaşı site located 6.5km away the city center of Ordu and the other is in Ordu Organized Industrial Zone.

These facilities which is a capacity of making 75 ton hazelnut kernel out of 150 ton inshell hazelnut in one single shift are equipped with modern electronic screening machineries and equipment.

E-Selection and Cleaning Facilities

With two separate electronic selection and cleaning unit, Gürsoy makes production that is responsive to the demanding hazelnut quality requests of natural hazelnut kernel.

The facilities which are equipped with filters, destoners, laser selectors, screens, metal detectors and magnets runs in the highest productivity.

Integrated Hazelnut Facility

Integrated Hazelnut Facility located in Kumbaşı site is equipped with modern machineries and selection technologies and produces under GMP, HACCP principles. Modern technology and production system designed in order to create difference with FSSC 22000 quality management system allows production in the forms of roasted, blanched, diced, sliced hazelnuts as, hazelnut meal, hazelnut puree and praline.

In the integrated facility with a capacity of 5 ton/hour, production of hazelnut in different forms with modern roasting machines, laser selectors, X-ray, sortex selectors, screens, metal detectors and magnets is meticulously carried out.

Gürsoy prioritizes the quality in the production facilities. Therefore, hygiene conditions, working conditions and equipment pool is designed and constructed in accordance with legislation, GMP and HACCP rules.

Retail Products Production Facilities

In the facility located in town of Perşembe, the products aimed at end-consumer are produced. The facility where hazelnut paste, hazelnut creams, hazelnut dragees and packed hazelnut varieties are produced, produces under HACCP and GMP principles just as in all other facilities.